Deering Cleaners Downtown Dry Cleaning Indianapolis

Dry cleaning services

Deering Cleaners Downtown offers dry cleaning, wedding dress preservation, spot removal, wash and fold laundry, shoe shines, shoe repairs, restorations, alterations, and cleans household fabrics, silk, linen, cashmere. Plus, free home and office pickup and delivery dry cleaning services.

Convenient cleaning for families, homes, businesses, newcomers and long-timers across Indianapolis

Deering Cleaners Downtown is Indianapolis' dry cleaner of choice for shirts, blouses, suits, pants, and dresses. We provide alterations, shoe repair, button replacement, wedding dress cleaning, and we clean and repair household fabrics.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Dry cleaning and laundry

Cleaning by hand or with our eco-friendly systems, we give extra body and finish to suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, and casual clothes.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics
Household fabrics

Comforters, quilts, drapes, rugs and linens sweeten homes. We preserve quality, color and comfort using in-house fabric treatments.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics
Specialty garments

Think leathers, furs, silks, and suedes. But we don’t stop there. Come to us for shoe shines, repairs, restorations, and alterations.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Free Pickup and Delivery
Free pickup and delivery

No need to be home or at the office. With no order too small or large, it's available twice a week and free to use when you need to clean.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Wedding Dress Preservation
Wedding dress preservation

Paying attention to every detail, we clean and preserve wedding dresses using treatments acquired from years of experience.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Shoe shine and shoe repair

Replace your tips, soles, insoles, heels, zippers, buckles, or velcro. We condition, buff and remove stains from your footwear.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics
Free button replacements

It's inevitable. Buttons break, fall off your outfit and can be annoying. Bring us your garment and we will replace your button.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics

If it is too big or too small, torn or frayed, needing a slight adjustment or major repair, let our tailors make your outfits comfortable.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Free Pickup and Delivery
Shirt services

We brighten whites and make colors vibrant again with our gentler cleaning process that protects shirts longer and shrink less.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Bizziebox

Residential and commercial properties can partner with us to provide speedy pickup and delivery services to their people.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Blue Express Bags
Blue express bags

Request a free blue express bag to stuff your clothes for quick drop-and-go, or for convenient pickup and delivery.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Bizzie Box

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Enjoy more time in your week by signing up for our quick and simple pickup and delivery services. We are conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis, Noblesville and Zionsville for fast drop offs and pickups if you’re on the go.