History of Deering Cleaners Downtown

How many Deering Cleaners Downtowns are there?

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics

There is only us. We have three locations (two in downtown Indianapolis and one in Noblesville). But, you may notice other dry cleaners with "Deering."

The interesting thing about the "Deering" name is that we're not the only dry cleaners in Indianapolis that has it. Way back when, before our Deering Cleaners Downtown brand, there was a Deering family who owned and operated dry cleaners around the city. Ben Deering owned some in Carmel. James Deering owned a few more, which later became Carriage Cleaners. John Deering had stores on the East side of Indianapolis. And there were and are others. In fact, the Deering Cleaners name has been rooted across our city for years, and has generally promised high quality and high standards for service.

As the years have passed, some of the Deering Cleaners have been sold off to individual owners, like us. We bought our first store in the early 90s, and now have three – two in downtown Indianapolis and one in Noblesville at 146th and Hazel Dell Crossing.

So while we do not control the quality or service that you might receive at another location – we do hope it is excellent. And if at any time, you find it is not excellent, please let us know. While we are separate, we still want to help.

Convenience, trust, and 100% customer satisfaction is what we promise at Deering Cleaners Downtown. As one of Indianapolis', Noblesville's and Zionsville's premier eco-friendly dry cleaners, we know what it takes to provide the best service at competitive rates. So let us make your day simpler.


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