Dry cleaning and laundry

Cleaning by hand or with our eco-friendly systems, we give extra body and finish to suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, and casual clothes.

Deering Cleaners Downtown Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Dry cleaning removes stains and dirt from garments and fabric by as little water as possible. Sometime no water at all. You'll be shocked to find out that dry cleaning is a lie. It's not “dry” at all. Dry cleaning uses solvents to perform the cleaning. The term "dry" comes from the zero use of water.

Frequent dry cleaning improves a garment's or fabric's life. As article of clothing, rugs, drapes or linens age, stains set in making those items uncomfortable and unsightly. And dirt and soil that grinds into the garment become an an abrasive, similar to sandpaper, wearing down the fibers rapidly. If that's not enough information about reasons to dry clean, be aware, insects are attracted to soiled clothes and will cause extensive damage.

Deering Cleaners Downtown's team of cleaning professionals clean by hand and use eco-friendly systems to dry clean. We weigh each load of clothes before laundering and dry cleaning, and press clothes for perfect edges and zero wrinkles. We repair and replace loose buttons, fasters and open seams. If there are any stains or damaged areas that we cannot remove or repair, we attach a label to the garment to inform you of the reason.

Convenience, trust, and 100% customer satisfaction is at Deering Cleaners Downtown. As one of Indianapolis' and Noblesville's premier eco-friendly dry cleaners, we know what it takes to provide the best service at competitive rates.

We have built our reputation as an outstanding dry cleaning service in Indianapolis and Noblesville. Our whole process is easy and hassle-free for customers – making your day simpler.


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