24/7 Bizziebox

Making your day even simpler with 24/7 Bizziebox dry cleaning and laundry express lockers

Deering Cleaners Downtown Household Fabrics

Working around your schedule. Deering Cleaners Downtown has teamed up local residential and commercial properties to place Bizziebox lockers at convenient locations for people to quickly drop off and pick up laundry.

Is there a Bizziebox locker near you? Drop off and place your items in the Bizziebox locker and set a personal four-digit code.

Download the free Bizziebox app on your mobile phone. Login or signup online to tell Deering Cleaners Downtown your clothes are ready for us to pick up.

When your order is ready, you will be texted and emailed with the Bizziebox locker number and code. When it's convenient, go to the locker, enter the code and pick up your clothes. It's just that easy!

Convenience, trust, and 100% customer satisfaction is at Deering Cleaners Downtown. As one of Indianapolis' and Noblesville's premier eco-friendly dry cleaners, we know what it takes to provide the best service at competitive rates.

We have built our reputation as an outstanding dry cleaning service in Indianapolis and Noblesville. Our whole process is easy and hassle-free for customers – making your day simpler.


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