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Dry cleaning & your day made simpler

Deering Cleaners Downtown makes it convenient to clean clothes and household fabrics in Indianapolis.
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Convenient cleaning for Indianapolis homes, businesses, newcomers and long-timers

Deering Cleaners Downtown is Indianapolis' dry cleaner of choice for shirts, blouses, suits, pants, and dresses. We provide alterations, shoe repair, button replacement, wedding dresses, and we clean and repair household drapes, rugs, table sets, table linens.

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Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning by hand or with our eco-friendly systems, we give extra body and finish to suits, dress shirts, blouses, dresses, and sweaters.

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Household Fabrics

Comforters, quilts, drapes, rugs and linens sweeten homes. We preserve quality, look and feel using in-house fabric treatments.

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Specialty Garments

Think leathers, furs, silks, and suedes. But we don’t stop there. Come to us for shoe shines, repairs, restorations, and alterations.

Wedding dresses, cleaned to look like new

We clean and preserve wedding dresses using treatments acquired from years of experience. Fabrics, laces, beads and sequins are cleaned in detail to help preserve your gown.

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Quality, customer focused

Serving Indianapolis professionals and families, we're known most for handling delicate garments and casual clothes. We specialize is restoring clothing and textiles damaged in homes from fires or floods.